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steuerung4Moisture probe for aggregates installed in the active flow area under the batching gate for automatic batch yield adjustment for moisture content.



Automatic microwave water metering system automatically controls the concrete water / cement ratio by monitoring 1 wear-resistant microwave probe which is built into the mixer. The target water / cement ratio and actual cement weight are used by the WCS control to automatically and acurately determine and dose the necessary final water needed to meet the prescribed water / cement ratio.

WCS Control systems

Steuerung2Based on Microsoft operating system and a Siemens PLC, the WCS solution offers concrete producers intuitive point-and-click control over all plant functions, including mixer status, moisture content, batching progress, recipe selection, and inventory tracking. The WCS control system provides the precision necessary for today’s increasingly sophisticated mix designs, including self-compacting concrete (SCC) and coloured products.

The fully automatic WCS control offers:
Control panel (with integrated Motor Control Center) with schematic operation graphic for manual control (also possible even without PC), main electrical disconnect switch, all motor starters, fuses and overload protection, control and motor control circuit and wiring, ammeter for mixer motor, digital scale indicators for the weighers, Siemens PLC S7 (others on request). Windows-based PC, monitor and printer can be placed on a desk or optionally housed in a separate enclosure with flip-down.

Standard functions (extract)

  • 1000 recipes, with parameters for flexible production of various concrete mixes including SCC (self-compacting concrete)
  • 9 password-protected user codes with definable access
  • Sand-water correction for all sand and aggregate sorts (automatically with installation of HYDROTESTER moisture metering probe)
  • Manual and automatic free-fall correction for all components and monitoring of batching tolerance and time.
  • Concrete production statistics for the automatically produced concrete, stored for lifetime.
  • Material consumption statistics for all batched materials (even in manual mode) can be called up in individual time periods
  • Inventory administration with silo contents calculation and graphic display on the monitor
  • Cost calculation by recipe, by order or as total value per day and month
  • Scheduled maintenance reminder software module
  • Diagnostic test module displays actual input / output status on PLC for easy troubleshooting
  • Factory bench tested with plant simulation
  • Complete documentation on CD and installed on the PC